Flavors Compounding
Flavor compounding are the complex assemblies of approved aromatic raw materials, extract or essential oils in order to achieve a desired top-notes flavor profiles for a specific food, or beverage product.
Hoang Anh Flavors & Food Ingredients is the first and pioneer Vietnamese flavor house with the know-how and experiences to produce our flavours from high quality single raw materials, and have the expertise in the creation of sweet, savory flavors for the latest on-trend products.

By combining with unlimited creativity, our sweet and savory aromas have the depth and distinctive characteristics of flavor of food, from fruity to zesty to earthy or spicy, which can be used to boost or restore the flavor profiles and tastes that lost through processing.

We are pleased to offer you a balanced blend of science and art , a portfolio of customized taste solutions to meet your expectation and palate.
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The micro-encapsulation technology enables the flavor is locked in before the product is spray dried, preventing any loss of the product’s aromatic properties, protecting the sensitive flavors against harmful influences, increasing the shelf-life and improving handling
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Reaction Technology 
Process or Reaction flavors are the result of heating proteins or amino acids with sugars for a specific temperature and time. An intimate understanding of the complex Maillard reaction gives us the ability to naturally create flavors such as beef, pork, poultry and seafood as well as duplicates the authentic smoked, fried, sautéed, caramelized and roasted culinary processes.
The technology allows our products to go beyond top notes to provide richness, fatty mouthfeel, masking of off-notes, and add values and “restaurant appeal” to standard food preparation.

Our savory creative development team and culinary experts work seamlessly to catch regional and cultural preferences, and develop savory flavors that deliver authentic tastes and sensational experiences.
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The Clouding agents create a visual appealing and sensory look of a natural cloudy juice beverage by providing the natural opacity appearance when they are added to fruit juices, energy drink or fruit jellies.
Hoang Anh capitalizes on emulsion technology to create, deliver a full range of stable Flavoured and Neutral clouding agents that provide the beverage, dairy products with a required level of cloudiness, a desired taste as well as colour.
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Novel Extraction Techniques

To overcome the limitations of commercially used conventional extraction methods such as longer extraction time, requirement of costly solvent, and thermal degradation of thermo-sensitive compounds, we have been successfully implemented the novel extraction techniques at the production scale not only to be more sustainable, eco-friendly but also reduced degradation of bi-active compounds, and increased extraction yield.

The advantages of the novel extraction techniques are:
  • Improves the quality of extracts.
  • Higher retention of nutritional value
  • Enhance and maintain natural flavor
  • Easier digestion
  • High yield
  • Solvent free
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Bioactive compounds encapsulation technology

Microencapsulation has become an important technology for the delivery of numerous food ingredients into food, the technology represents an effective approach to improve the dispersion of the bioactives into food products, while protecting them against degradation or interaction with other ingredients

The advantages of bioactive compounds encapsulation technology:
  • The sensitive core material can be protected from the environment.
  • Extending shelf life
  • The release rate of core material from coating material can be controlled by the right stimulus.
  • The unpleasant flavors and odours of the microencapsulated ingredients can be masked.
  • The reaction of active components in the mixture can be isolated.
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