Discover cultural preferences
There are broad differences between culture’s palates and taste preferences when it comes to food and flavors. In a sense, cultural variations do define a completely different mode of understanding what makes food good, and do influence and shape the flavor and taste perceptions.
Nevertheless, as our world becomes more and more connected, consumers also become more adventurous and willing to explore and try new things, including food. Moreover, consumers seem to honor the authentic flavors, and other food’s cultural differences

Hence, the ability to understand the differences, the authentic flavors, and mapping the cultural preferences will help the food manufacturers win the hearts and minds of consumers.
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Our flavorists are amongst some of the most creative in the industry, they continue to innovate and push boundaries in the world of savory and umami flavors.

Not only do we have the culinary, creativity, and consumer expertise, but also the science, technology, and application expertise to create craveable products and deliver flavorful memories to consumers, please them time and time again.

Always up to speed with the latest culinary trends, Hoang Anh will work alongside with your technical teams to develop products that meet the needs of customers in the consumer-packaged goods.

Our savory flavors taste great in instant noodles, seasonings, marinades, condiments, sausages, sauces or soups.
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