Food Ingredients



Our range of Food Ingredients
Combines cereal products from nature with latest advanced technology of enzymatically hydrolyzing cereals. The collection covers cereals ingredients like brown rice, purple rice, sweet corn, peanut, etc. made in form of powder that is easy to be constituted and easy for digestion.
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The trends towards more natural, healthy products are having an impact on food and beverages markets all over the world; therefore, we are creating natural food ingredients that generate the maximum value and differentiate our client's brands as well as meet consumers’ needs for health and wellness.
We consciously source all of our raw materials, ingredients, even the packaging, and have a quality management system to ensure top quality of our finished products that adhere the strictest quality standards.

This line of products includes nuts and seeds extract powders, ground, and paste formats which can be applied in various applications.
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O-Captrition is a collection of specialty ingredients employing micro-encapsulation plus spray drying techniques. One of our most successful solutions is O-Captrition MCT 70.
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We have the capacity and specialized capabilities to create spray dried food ingredients, from pure natural chicken extract to pure natural beef extract powders to custom blends, the extracts are derived from the co-processing of thermo extraction and spray drying.

Our meat extract collections can impart meatiness and richness in flavor and mouthfeel, work as flavor enhancer as well as contributing positively to nutritional profiles of your food products.
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We offer speciality ingredients that satisfy industrial food production standard. All the products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, HACCP and in conformity with Food and Safety Regulations.
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Bio-active novel extraction
Extraction technology is improved by physical methods to assist in increasing the efficiency of extraction
Bio-active encapsulation
Employing micro-encapsulation plus spray drying techniques