A Wide Range of Flavors

Want to make your sweet creations stand out and to leave a big impression with the consumers?
You can review our extensive library of sweet flavors in search of perfect notes which will take your finished products over the top. If our portfolio of sweet flavors does not meet your needs, we specialize in developing custom flavors from the ground up. The custom flavors are built based on your specific application requirements and taste preferences.
Contact us and let us show you the HOANG ANH advantage.
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The savory area is one of the most complicated and complex segments in the food industry. Local preferences and numerous requirements regarding solubility, process stability, durability and sensory acceptance of the flavors have to be considered.
Our team of savory experts and flavorists have developed and produced a broad range of unique, delicious, robust flavors for various savory applications with our state-of-the-art technology. They ensure to bring authenticity, distinctive characteristics and sensational culinary experiences to your customers.
Savory taste solutions work in a wide range of applications from instant noodles and soups to ready meals and sauces and dressings.
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Flavor Technologies
With the acquisition of flavor technologies, our company continues to push into the frontiers of flavor chemistry, achieving the robust, bold and innovative flavorings.
Flavor Compounding
Compounding and blending of approved flavor substances and extract to achieve a desired top-notes flavor profiles for a specific food, or beverage product.
Flavor Encapsulation
The main reasons behind the encapsulation are to protect the sensitive flavors against harmful influences, increase the shelf-life and improve handling.
Reaction Flavor
The technology allows our products to go beyond top notes to provide richness, fatty mouthfeel and masking of off-notes.
Hoang Anh capitalizes on emulsion technology to create, deliver a full range of stable Flavour and Cloud emulsions, offering a number of key advantages.
Various Forms of Flavor
We provide flavors in different formats, to meet your company’s application needs.
We offer water-soluble and oil-soluble formats. Liquid flavors are available in sweet, savory and dairy varieties for use in applications such as baked goods, confectionery, beverages, and protein drinks
Our powdered flavors are developed by encapsulating liquid flavoring materials to maximize flavor
Flavor pastes are produced by a Maillard Reaction to get more full-bodied flavors, broth-like taste, lingering aftertaste.