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The House of Hoang Anh

With a great focus on passion, we understand how to inspire everyone in Hoang Anh, especially scientists and flavorists, with burning indulgency and irresistable working environment which was designed to be nature-orientated.

Passionate in food

since 1998



Making people enjoy the most and care the least in daily meals

To bring in deliciousness by fulfilling the human's senses through eating and drinking.

To explore new values from nature's products that could end up in dishes and diversify the consumer's choice of healthcares.

To lead the local trend of food innovation.

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Message from Founder

HOÀNG ANH, long a reliable supplier of food flavors and ingredients, with many prestigious houses among our clientele, is now confidently expanding our horizon to the wider world. Founded by gourmet-scientists who left no stone unturned in their quest for the creation of the best flavors on Earth, we are pioneering in this field where science marries art.

First steps are hard. An 18-year-old veteran from Vietnam, HOÀNG ANH is still a new presence on the international scene. Therefore, to gain the best competitive edge, we have firmly set our mind on following absolute objectives: Highest premium quality, Lowest prices, Maximized client’s advantages, and Satisfying any need of flavors.

For 2 decades in the market, we have built a foundation of sustainability with modern facilities, talented human resources, latest flavor technologies, and a wide-range clientele network, which make us believe in our competency in reaching out for global scale while still maintaining those objectives we set.

As you are reading this letter, let us soon look forward to our mutual cooperation and benefits, and allow us to bring our qualifications, enthusiasm, and passion to further the interest of your entreprise, and to the success of Our most Dear and Valued Customer.

General Director

A Flavor and Ingredient House's


Established Hoang Anh, a supplier of Flavors and Ingredients, located in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)