Sweet Flavors
Flavor Technology
With the acquisition of flavour technologies, our company continues to push into the frontiers of flavor chemistry, achieving the robust, bold and innovative flavorings.
Flavors Compounding
Compounding and blending of approved flavor substances and extract to achieve a desired top-notes flavor profiles for a specific food, or beverage product. The flavours are available in liquid or powders formats.
The main reasons behind the encapsulation are to protect the sensitive flavors against harmful influences, increase the shelf-life and improve handling.
Hoang Anh capitalizes on emulsion technology to create, deliver a full range of stable Flavour and Cloud emulsions, offering a number of key advantages.
A wide spectrum of applications
You can choose between liquid and powdered flavours, soluble in oil or water, tailored to your application
Beverages & Hot Drinks
Powdered Drink Mixes
Milk & Dairy Products
Tea & Coffee