Savory Flavors
Flavor Technology
With the acquisition of flavor technologies, our company continues to push into the frontiers of flavor chemistry, achieving the robust, bold and innovative flavorings.
Flavors Compounding
Complex assemblies of aromatic raw materials, flavours show the expertise of Hoang Anh in the creation of savoury flavours, by combining with unlimited creativity our range is the match to the expectation of each customer.
The micro-encapsulation technology enables the flavor is locked in before the product is spray dried, preventing any loss of the product’s aromatic properties.
Reaction Technology
Process or Reaction flavors are the result of heating proteins or amino acids with sugars for a specific temperature and time. An intimate understanding of the complex Maillard reaction gives us the ability to naturally create flavors such as beef, pork, poultry and seafood
A wide spectrum of savory applications
Our savory flavors can be applied in a variety of products including
Instant Noodles
Processed Meat
Sauces & Dressings