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When a user accesses this website, such user has agreed to have had knowledge of our Data Security Policies and agreed to follow our policies.

Data Security Policies of collecting, using and protecting user’s information
Date Submitted :May 8, 2020

This website is under responsibility and management of Hoang Anh Flavors and Food Ingredients Co., Ltd (hereby called Hoang Anh Company). When a user accesses this website, it may collect user’s IP or domain addresses. We also use caches like “cookie” to store data that sent from the website’s server to user’s browser when accessing our website. This feature allows us to support and study user’s interests and preferences on our website’s contents.


We are also collecting information via different channels, including:


This website: Full name, Email, Phone number, and Feedbacks, provided by user through forms and templates on the website, and confirmed by user before summitted.


Telephone: Full name, Email, Phone number, and Feedbacks, provided by user through conversation orally agreed by user.


Collected information listed above will help us to:


Maintain connection to users and potential customers.


Study information and demands of customer, in order to allow us in providing best solutions/products to customers.


Offer latest information about market’s trends and our Hoang Anh Company.


Conduct PR and advertising activities, and send invitation to our events.


We commit ourselves in keeping high confidential of gathered information, as well as any other customer’s information collected outside through our events, along with following principles:


We will not use user’s information for any other purpose except those listed above.


We will not share user’s information to any other third party externally to Hoang Anh Company, except under requirement by local laws and state authorized bodies.


This website may have connections to other websites. These connected websites are not under management of Hoang Anh Company, and we will take no responsibility to those website’s contents and activities.


We also bear no responsibility of any leaked information conducted by illegal activities of other third party.


When user submits personal information, it is understood that user has agreed with our Data Security Policies stated here. We commit that all user’s information provided to our system will be secured and used in the best benefits of the user.


User has right to request accessibility to our record to view, edit, or permanently delete such user’s information provided to our system. In such case, please sending a request email to our inbox at pr.marketing@hoanganh.com.vn, and we will have reasonable response within maximum 3 working days.


If user does not agree with this Data Security Policies described here, we advise user not to keep accessing our website nor submit any information to our system.


Hoang Anh Company has full privilege to make adjustments to any contents of this website at any time without any advanced notice or warning. User agrees that keeping using our website means that user has admitted of knowing, agreed to follow, and trusted in those adjustments. Therefore, please always review this article before accessing any other pages on this website.


Thank you.