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COVID-19: Don’t panic, stay clean, stay cool like our teams
Date Submitted :March 23, 2020

Covid-19 is spreading a fear throughout the world and causes a drawback in many social activities. However, it is not necessary to be panic as long as we keep ourselves going along the guidelines of safety recommended by WHO and authorities, and still, staying cool and positive in working to help recover economy.

Let us see how Hoang Anh teams are doing to keep themselves safe from SARS-CoV-2 in working environment.


Explain the guidelines and daily measure body temperature of any person comes in our workplace, include but not limit to: staffs, management, partners and customers.



Everyone should be wearing mask when being inside Hoang Anh’s area. One tip for not being too panic about lacking of medical mask: it is not a MUST to have a brand new medical mask every day. A normal cotton mask is totally fine in normal condition, as long as it is washed and replaced regularly.



Washing hands with alcohol 70% is one of the most important filters to help preventing the corona virus from surviving and contaminating from one to one. Alcohol 70% is provided publicly at every corner of the building, so it is very convenient for every one to clean their hands usually. As a food ingredient company, we have food alcohols always available in our stock and it is totally safe in case someone try to get drunk with it. It is only a pie of cake for us to offer everyone in our office a small personal sprayers of alcohol 70% to encourage people to wash their hands at any time, in any where.



A safety guide is put at every work station to remind everybody all the rules to eliminate the chance of being cross-contaminated from others.



And last but not least, a healthy physical condition should always go along with a healthy mental condition. Do not let the tiny virus take away our great passion to inspire the world with new flavors, new ingredients and new concepts that are pushing up the food innovation. BE POSITIVE, BE COOL, BE FUN!