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The show has past, memories still present. Let us go through again beautiful moments of Hoang Anh’s team at VietFood & Beverage 2019.

Sum up: Hoang Anh at VietFood & Beverage | ProPack 2019
Date Submitted :August 14, 2019

VietFood & Beverage | ProPack 2019 is among the largest exhibitions of Vietnam’s food industry. We had joined in this events for 3 years and this year was considered the most successful to our display. We had changed from display flavors and ingredients to the sample prototypes which applied the ingredients inside. Prototypes bring more and better message to our audience, and we can feel our brand’s value increased through the way our customers being surprised and interested.


Let us review beautiful moments of the show and hope to see all our customers and partners again in the show next year.