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Strategic Partnership between Hoang Anh and Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition
Date Submitted :November 2, 2017

Initially a distributor of food ingredients, HOANG ANH Flavors & Food Ingredients has invested in research and development to become one of the first flavor houses in Vietnam. Recently, on Friday Jan 6th, 2017, the company has inked a cooperation agreement with the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) on nutritional food ingredients. 


Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony between Hoang Anh – Vietnam’s National Institute of Nutrition 

Over the past year, Hoang Anh has carried out the projects for research on the nutritional food ingredients. Hoang Anh’s signing of a cooperation agreement with the NIN marks the second transition, from a flavor house to a researcher of nutritional food ingredients. 

This second major transition of Hoang Anh is based on the new trends in the world and in Vietnam, as consumers have accessed much more information on nutrition. They do not only care about whether what they eat is tasty and nutritious, but also are increasingly concerned about the source of nutrition. 

Citing a report by Euro Monitor, one of the world’s most renowned market researchers, on the concern about health issues relating to food in Vietnam, Duy says convenience food and beverage products that are naturally healthy recorded two-digit growth in 2015, 15% for food and 14% for beverage. In general, of all products for healthcare, healthy products of natural origin receive the greatest concern from consumers. Meanwhile, Vietnam is very fortunate to be blessed with so many valuable natural products. Almost all natural extractions from Vietnam convey one or more positive messages about health. Furthermore, Vietnamese for long have known how to exploit them, through cuisine, dining and traditional medicine. 

With the strengths of the nutrition institute in research and clinical trial, Hoang Anh hopes to contribute to the national nutrition strategy via the inclusion of food ingredients with a high biological value made in Vietnam that have been scientifically proven in nutritional products, to serve the community and consumers in Vietnam. 

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement, Hoang Anh together with the NIN will conduct necessary studies to quickly provide consumers with nutritional ingredients from gac, with an optimal content of biologically active substances, through convenience food products. In phase two, the two parties will join hands to develop a broader vision with industrial ingredients rich in biologically active substances extracted from a variety of agricultural products. Along with the above plan, the company has just won a non-refundable sponsorship from InnoFund, under the “Support to the Innovation and Development of Business Incubators Policy Project” (shortly known as BIPP, run by the Ministry of Science and Technology with the financial aid from Belgium), for the research of ingredients from gac with a high content of biologically active substances. The investment is not large but is a positive signal for the interest of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as a prerequisite for Hoang Anh’s research projects in a longer term.