HOÀNG ANH specializes in the creation, developing and manufacturing of flavors and food ingredients for food and beverage industries. Established in 1998, for two decades in the business we have built a foundation of sustainability with modern facilities, talented human resources, latest flavor and food ingredients technologies, and have a broad clientele network in which including well recognised local and international brands and companies. At Hoang Anh Flavors and Food Ingredients, we encourage, embrace innovative thinking in every area of our business. Our innovative enthusiasm is reflected in the outstanding quality, bespoke solutions and unmatched customer service we deliver to our clients. Contact us and let us show you the HOANG ANH advantage.
The smell and taste of food can be remarkably powerful, it could bring back memories of the place, the people and the feeling when eating it and many people use food as a pathway to the past. Our flavour collection embraces the best of the East, the tastes that you love most. We eager to partner with local food and beverage companies and international brands to develop great tasting products.
Food Ingredients
Today's on-the-go, health-driven consumers have created the demands for foods that are not only convenient but also healthy and natural, and these demands are having an impact on food and beverages industries all over the world. Led by desires of our hearts to provide food ingredients that generate the maximum value and differentiate our client's brands, as well as meet consumers’ needs for health and wellness. We're committed to deliver tailored solutions for your unique business needs.

We closely follow the latest Global Food and Drinks trends.
Our market research initiatives are an essential part of the company’s practices.
We have made commitment to invest in high technologies, collaborate with National Institute of Nutrition and Nong Lam University (Agriculture and Forestry Faculty) to create collaborative innovation projects that help you conquer new markets.
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